crunchyroll black screen on chrome

Crunchyroll black screen on Chrome

The community of anime fans has been plagued by the Crunchyroll black screen on Chrome problem. Users frequently experience black screens on Chrome, Firefox, and even mobile devices.

Anime and manga streaming distributor and publisher Crunchyroll is based in the US. Contrary to Netflix, Crunchyroll transmits drama and animation rather than live-action programs.

Despite the daily reliance of thousands of users, there are still occasions when the streaming of content is interrupted by black screens.

Why does the Crunchyroll screen turn black while streaming content?

In the past two years, OTT content consumption has grown dramatically, and demand has skyrocketed. Piracy is a significant social problem for studios that make movies and music. Daily battles against piracy are waged by many independent and smaller artists, and OTT platforms are taking action to stop it.

Why am I unable to share my Crunchyroll screen?

Many folks who use Discord to access Crunchyroll are unable to screen share the program from their Discord profile. They will only see a black screen when they play a video.

Configuring the hardware acceleration feature in your browser is the root of this problem. If you want to solve the screen sharing problem in Discord when watching Crunchyroll, you must disable this setting.

The simple method to turn off hardware acceleration in the Chrome browser;

  • Start Chrome > Type “chrome:/settings/?search=hardware” into the search box > Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration where available.”
  • Restart your device after turning this off, then launch Crunchyroll from your Discord account.

How will Crunchyroll on Chrome work again?

One of the easiest approaches to try is to uninstall and reinstall Chrome. Make sure you have a backup of your extensions and bookmarks, if necessary.

Before removing Chrome, be sure all of its data has been deleted. You should watch some movies on CR before adding your extensions or making any other changes, then add them back.

How to fix the Crunchyroll issue

After disabling extra features, restarting your device before relaunching can resolve Crunchyroll’s black screen on Chrome. Try one of the following methods to stop your online video app from showing a blank screen if you do not use any of these software programs:

  • Modify the browser.
  • Get Rid of Cache Files.
  • Select a different episode or video.
  • Modify your device.


When you first open the app or whenever you try to play a video, you may see a black screen on Crunchyroll. With the help of this simple guide, we hope you now know why the blank screen display error arises and that one of the five options we offered helped you fix your Crunchyroll image.

You might need to speak directly with Crunchyroll’s support staff if the problem continues. Thank you for reading this article!

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