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GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives

This article addresses GoDaddy Smartline alternatives. If you’re unfamiliar, GoDaddy is a web hosting business that has been in business for a while (think decades). They became popular among SMEs of all sizes thanks to their website builder, domain registrar, and email solutions.

While Smartline does meet some requirements for a VoIP, its features by no means stand out. And when we say impressive, we mean nothing. For example, the GoDaddy Smartline can be used as a backup phone number for outreach and business communications and is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

The problem is that it’s not a true VoIP. To use Smartline, you must have a mobile device with an active service provider. In addition, using Smartline on your PC is impossible because it relies on a cellular network.

And the blows to the stomach keep coming. A notably small number of features are available through Smartline, such as:

  • Voicemail
  • Dialer ID
  • Working hours
  • Voicemail messages
  • SMS texting

Why do companies move to Smartline Substitutes?

Smartline is not the best option if you want to expand your company significantly or need more than a desk phone. You’re not required to pay attention to one speaker, though. Numerous people are dissatisfied with Smartline’s calls, the need for integrations, and difficult-to-use messaging features.

Intelligent Pricing of Smartline: GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives

Under the Smartline brand, two main plans are available: Smartline Unlimited and Smartline Toll-Free. The Toll-Free plan costs more than twice as much ($19.99) monthly as the Unlimited option, which starts at $9.99.

There is a one-month free trial offer for business owners who wish to test the waters. However, you must cancel before the trial to avoid being charged. With both GoDaddy’s plans and the previously discussed fundamental features, unlimited minutes and text messages are available.

And that’s it. Seriously. Toll-free business phone lines are the primary and sole distinction between the Smartline options. One possesses it; the other does not.

The Best GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives

So while Smartline can be a wonderful spot to launch your small business, it needs the features you’ll need to scale it successfully. Make sure your second phone number app will make a real impact and always deliver the goods if you invest in one to manage company duties.

To address GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top VoIP alternatives to GoDaddy’s Smartline, including OpenPhone, Grasshopper, Google Voice, Sideline, and iPlum. Let’s examine each of these choices in more detail.


OpenPhone‘s offerings outperform Smartline regarding affordability, functionality, and integrations. Unlike Smartline, you can begin without a current cell phone service subscription. Please select your preferred tier, create a local or toll-free number, and start placing calls using our mobile app, desktop software, or web application.

OpenPhone: GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives

No workarounds are necessary; you all need WiFi to start collaborating across devices! Regardless of the OpenPhone package you select, reward yourself with these contemporary features:

  • Access to US and Canadian numbers
  •  Support for MMS and international calls
  •  Snippet features
  •  characteristics for auto-reply
  •  ability to record calls
  •  shareable inboxes and several users
  •  Zapier and Slack integrations
  •  IVR and phone menu choices
  •  transcribing services for voicemail

The best part is that OpenPhone never asks you to upgrade to receive a toll-free number. It is always incorporated.


Grasshopper is a well-known legacy VoIP company and one of the list’s older providers. Users can call clients from any device using apps available for both Android and iPhone.

Grasshopper: GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives

Major characteristics of Grasshoppers include:

  • regional area codes
  •  transcriptions of missed calls
  •  Quick reactions (also known as auto-replies)
  •  Enterprise SMS
  •  Live information

Grasshopper is quite well known, yet it might offer only some of what you need to be successful. Convenient price ranges, few features, and — to be honest — dated interfaces significantly slow down your workflow.

Google Voice for Google Workspace

One of the most well-known Smartline alternatives is Google Voice for Google Workspace. It offers a simple user interface, available functionality, and reasonably low costs.

All that glitters, however, is not gold. The features of Google Voice are a little on the light side and include the following:

  • No-limit calls
  •  Enterprise SMS support
  •  Porting of numbers

The spam-catching features of Google Voice, which impose restrictions on calls and group texts based on a unique algorithm, are also significant limitations.


Sideline, a Smartline substitute that takes your business phone calls onto the cloud, should not be mistaken for Smartline. The program, like Smartline, requires that you have an active cell phone service provider to route calls through towers.

The problem with Sideline is that it could be more energetic despite its glitzy package. The company’s simplest plans come with a limited number of features, such as:

  • No-limit calls
  •  Web messaging
  •  Auto responses
  •  Voicemail capabilities
  •  Other features depend on your chosen pricing plan, which can exclude you from other choices.


Don’t feel terrible if you haven’t heard of iPlum before. This more recent VoIP operator, established in 2015, focuses mostly on virtual lines for mobile devices.

There are only a few features available on this platform, including:

  • IVR features
  •  both calls
  •  CRM phonebooks

The majority of businesses undoubtedly won’t benefit from iPlum. Similar to Smartline, it solely provides mobile apps; there are no browser or PC features.

Conclusion: GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives

Numerous current features have additional costs in addition to the monthly charge, despite the platform’s inadequate documentation and, according to reports, generic customer service. If you want to learn more about how we can go beyond GoDaddy Smartline?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your digital phone lines. You will have a better deal that you can be proud of. I hope you discovered the best GoDaddy Smartline Alternatives. Thank you!

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