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Smart Square Mercy: Features and Benefits

Before moving on to its other features and capabilities, let’s first learn more about Mercy Smart Square and what it means. What exactly does it mean? And what upgrades and new features does it have?

Mercy Smart Square: What is it?

Mercy Smart Square is a complete scheduling solution created specifically for the healthcare sector. It aids the organization in effectively planning and controlling workers to meet patient demand.

What is the operation of Mercy Smart Square?

You can access your dashboard by logging into your account. Using this scheduling tool, you can quickly manage your team’s schedule by changing the settings, such as adding and removing clients to arrange emergency staff.

In addition, staff members can promptly visit Mercy Smart Square and check their daily schedules and other information about their patients and appointments in addition to high-level officials. It is simple to use and customizable, unlike other scheduling tools, allowing you to manage your schedule efficiently.

Features and Benefits

Here are listed some advantages and benefits of Smart Square Mercy:

Nursing Administrators Learn about their Staff.

Patients can post reminders and make remarks for their care team using the Mercy smart board. The nursing supervisors can even use this technology to view the appointments of their coworkers as well as other private information.

The healthcare department can easily and effectively manage the tasks of its workers thanks to the Mercy Smart Square tool. They can even utilize this application to manage appointments. It is a helpful tool for departments other than nursing as well.

Simple User Interface

Another attribute of Mercy Smart Square is its user-friendly UI. It is beneficial to manage the application in a clearly defined way and to guarantee that all staff members have access to view shared vital information.

Additionally, it enables the personnel and nursing staff to plan their daily schedule. It assists managers in keeping an eye on employee performance and programs.

Nurses can schedule more patient appointments with less work by using this application. Additionally, they will have more time to spend with the patients. All of this is now feasible because of the clever design of Smart Square.


Employees, nurses, and other staff members have mobile access to Mercy Smart Square software, eliminating the need to open a computer or laptop to manage their schedules. It appears to be considerably more helpful for scheduling shifts.

It is significantly more beneficial when working with staff and customers. Using this program, managers may manage the schedules of their team members while keeping an eye on them.

Restricting Access to Specific Locations

The capability of Mercy Smart Square to restrict access to particular sections is one of its most crucial features. The software may have restricted access based on user groups, status, and an internet connection.

IP addresses can also be covered up. As a result, you will know more about the individual attempting to access your information, ensuring your and your patient’s safety.

Mercy Smart Square’s Premium Version

Patient information is entered more precisely in Mercy Smart Square’s premium edition. The basic edition is adequate for sporadic clinic visits, but the premium version includes more sophisticated features, including patient education modules. Mobile users can also access the premium version. You can browse this program without risk.

The software will display your company’s logo and website if installed properly on your computer. The employees’ unique network IDs will also be presented. The system is practical and simple to use. Using this software, you may make appointments in a matter of seconds.

A Conclusion

We have tried to provide a thorough review of Mercy Smart Square and its additional features in this article. All employees can control their schedules with this software, and managers can monitor their workers. Thank you for reading this article!

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