Websites like

Websites like

This article addresses websites like A shock or gore website called is devoted to morbid curiosity, images of violent crime, perverted sex practices, and other unsettling or misanthropic oddities.

It is regarded as one of the top gore websites and offers a sizable selection of shocking films and pictures. The website contains thousands of photographs and videos currently, after starting at a very basic level.

You can browse each category’s photographs and movies, which are all divided up into several different categories. In addition, a recommendation system on provides videos based on your interests.

Crazy Shit

Crazy Shit is the most extensive collection of crazy, extreme, funny, sick, and sexy videos and pictures. In the same way that other leaks are hard to find, Crazy Shit also has uncensored information about recent events.

Some videos that people upload to CrazyShit are good enough to be published in the media. There is a much lower chance that Shit will post videos of abuse. You can “enjoy” many things that don’t have to do with pornography.

Blood Factory

There are no fees to join The Blood Factory, a website where you can watch horror films, clips, and videos. It has a similar interface to Hoodsite and provides similar services, but with a few new features to make it more engaging.

You must be 18 years old to visit this site, although you can do so from anywhere globally. It has a fairly straightforward interface that is simple to use and does not require a login to use its services.

On, you can view extreme videos that individuals have uploaded. It has a straightforward user interface and an effective search function that makes it easy to find any video you want.

In a deadhouse, you’ll find news, videos, and many more things that might shock your head. Additionally, various categories have been employed to assist users in finding relevant content, and multiple choices, including full-screen, Volume Control, Video Quality, and more, are available.


AliveGore makes it possible to watch extreme videos without limits and restrictions. The site contains many powerful videos and images that you can freely explore, save, and share with others worldwide. It is similar to locations like ShockGore but offers many new options that make it better than others.

Damaged Corpse

A large selection of uncensored media, including pictures, films, GIFs, and audio stories, may be found on Damaged Corpse’s website. It is comparable to websites like ShockGore but provides more content and a daily updated selection of fresh material.

Like other websites, Damaged Corpse has a variety of categories to browse, and you may explore each type to find a frightening video to stream, save, and share.

Leaked Reality

Leaked Reality is the fastest-growing online community for those who wish to stream, store, and share weird videos. According to the website, it offers one of the greatest collections of random and leaked videos available for streaming anywhere in the world.

All of the videos on this website fall under various genres, including documentaries, entertainment, cars, robberies, and accidents. You have unlimited freedom to look through its categories. Thank you for reading this article.

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